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Illustrator takes his passion & business to the next level

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Today's post and illustration are from illustrator Iain Keith of

I started a specialty art business in Canada's Atlantic provinces while in the thrall of recession. I had no formal education or experience, no money or credit, and a serious focus issue. Everyone said I was crazy, no one thought I would, could, or should do this. Indeed without ardent support of the universe, family & friends and a nigh psychotic bloody minded stubbornness I would never have made it through.

I am absolutely packed with passion for what I do and corresponding skills but the ability to market myself was beyond me, not to mention I was a terrible planner which was moot as I did not truly know what I want, I felt I was lost in the dark woods and sliding faster and faster downhill hitting every branch on the way, I started to finally acknowledge I may have to finally throw in the towel.

Enter Ilise. In one fell swoop she asked the questions to which I needed to find answers, got a sense of
Out-of-the-wild-b who I was & where I was going, and prescribed step by step directions to get where I now knew I wanted to go. She is warm, open, encouraging but firm. If she's not some kind of marketing genius, I can't tell. She is currently arguably the most valuable resource to me in my business. She called in the dark while I was sliding down so I had a reference point, she found out where I wanted to go even though I didn't know, and held a lamp up to the path to guide me.

Since then things have been moving along so much I can barely keep up…I'm still rushing along but it's to a destination of my choosing which I can clearly see. Ilise is there in moments of crisis and calm, for advice or encouragement. I no longer feel so alone and I am renewed and revitalised in my endeavors to take my passion through to the next level, a new vista of opportunity.

Ilise taught me that money is nothing more or less than currency, by sharing my value instead of my time with others in exchange for this currency actually adds to my worth rather than subtracting, and how to build a network of relationships that is a community that fosters my ability to share my value with the world at large.

*Credit: Illustration by Iain Keith - 

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