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Ilise’s Corner: Structure doesn’t have to be confining

Posted by Ilise Benun on

As I’ve noted in our upcoming book, The Art of Self-Promotion, one of the many challenges specific to the small business person is that of creating structure.

Of course, plenty of entrepreneurs claim to have struck out on their own to escape structure, or at least, confinement. They’re the ones (and maybe you’re one of them) who say they thrive on chaos.

But if structure isn’t something you’ve taken the time to create, it’s a good bet your business isn’t running as smoothly as it could. Most of us wear many hats, play many roles and offer many, many constantly changing services and products; having some sort of underpinning structure gives you something to lean on and, paradoxically, can allow you more freedom than having no structure at all.

Of course, the first step towards establishing a structure that’s useful to you and your business is figuring out where you most need it: project management? Time management? Or maybe just how to keep adequate supplies on hand? Everyone has particular strengths and weaknesses: you might be great at getting yourself out to networking events to meet potential clients but horrible when it comes to invoicing the ones you already have.

So, where do you need structure? And while we’re at it, what systems have you found to be useful in creating structure for yourself? Let us know what brilliant ideas you’ve hit on…or where you could use a little help.

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