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Ilise’s Bizjam Highlights

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Boy, did I feel behind the times at Bizjam last week, when everyone was not only talking about all the different social networking tools but using them right then and there. Twitter, Pownce, Tumblr, Utterz, Facebook, MySpace, Seesmic, Dogster (and Catster, of course) and so many more. I’m overwhelmed just trying to name them!

I went to the FreshBooks Supper Club where I sat across from social networking maven, Aliza Sherman, whom I hadn’t known before last week but thought I did. I had confused her with another journalist with a similar name, so I introduced myself as if we’d been in touch before. She of course had no idea who I was. That was sure embarrassing but we got over it and ended up having a lovely time chatting about all sorts of things.

Then, on Thursday, during my session on the topic of good, old fashioned, in-person networking, Aliza twittered a request for other Twitterers to email me to let me know what a great networking tool Twitter is. And a few of them actually did it, although it probably felt way passé to them to be emailing me. I have a feeling there’s a whole population that doesn’t even deal with email anymore. Is that true?

On Thursday night, I was planning to only make an appearance at the wrap up "soiree" (I’m not really a late night person) but I ended up hanging out with my new friend, Saul Colt, Head of Magic at FreshBooks, who also blogged about my session, watching this incredible show of aerial dancers from Versatile Arts. Then, Dan and Lara, founders of Bizjam, surprised me with an award for traveling the furthest to attend the event. But of course, I told them, "I have to practice what I preach, right?"

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