If you missed CFC – don’t miss this recap.

I’m back in
New Jersey after what many creative professionals called the best CFC yet! With
600 people in attendance, there was networking (and netwalking!), learning and
sharing galore. Many attendees have already started to process their takeaways,
and today I’m going to share a few:

(a.k.a. the communicatrix) gave a kickass talk on Sunday morning
called, "Making People Love You Madly: Selling Yourself in a Postmodern
Marketplace." In her session about the importance of being awesome and how
to do it, she gave everyone "homework." Here’s a bit of it: 


Choose FOUR greeting/postcards that will rock FOUR of
your associates/clients/supporters’ worlds, and mail them out. If you didn’t
get a chance to get them in Sam’s Clam Disco, that’s okay—find cards that are
perfect for them, include a sentiment that’s meaningful to you both, and mail

Read more: http://www.communicatrix.com/cfc/

Want to find
out about the other sessions? Loretta Robinson shared a breakdown of each one.
Here’s a snippet about Sarah Durham’s session, Integrating your Values and your

Sarah Durham spoke on the importance of balance in the office,
as well as how to figure out your positioning and values. My favorite part was
when we discussed how specializing in either a vertical (client or industry) or
a horizontal (specific service) model will clarify your vision even more. I
especially loved her worksheet on her company’s values and discovered that a
lot of mine stemmed from my experiences with my clients not trusting my
expertise or judgment. I gravitated towards words like “voice”, “authority”, “leadership”,
and “self-respect”.

Read more: http://www.creatively-driven.com/creative-freelancer-conference-take-aways/

Were you at
CFC? If you have something to share—or already wrote a blog post for
yourself—please let us know. We’d love to link to it.