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If you don’t want to sound like everybody else…

Posted by Ilise Benun on


When there are lots of creatives out there who do what you do, it’s not easy to identify what’s different about you and then make it clear on your web site.

Well, designer, Wendy Wood has accomplished this tricky task on her brand new web site (which I am proud to say I helped with).

Here are a few things that especially stand out to me:

  1. Her positioning statement on the home page identifies her sweet spot in the language of her ideal prospects and feels very original.
  2. The picture shows how friendly Wendy is—while also reinforcing the concept that she can handle multi-faceted projects.
  3. The how we help page articulates the problems of ideal prospects — literally in their words!

Kudos to Wendy’s team member, April Edwards, who built the site.

If you’re stuck or your website is taking forever, it doesn’t have to. With a little help, you can create a result that doesn’t sound like anybody else.  I can help shepherd you through the process.

If we haven’t done a complimentary mentoring session yet, sign up here.

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