“I” vs. “we” on your website? How to decide.

You might have heard me say that “everything flows from the market.” I feel this statement is true in most areas of business, and especially in the “I” vs. “we” dilemma.

Here’s a question I received this question from a client today:

What are your thoughts on using "we" vs. "I" when speaking about yourself on your site? I keep flip flopping back and forth with my copy. I originally had it written as "I,” but now I'm not sure what to do. When is it appropriate to use "I" vs. "we"?

How do you decide which is the best way to go?

In my book, The Designer’s Guide to Marketing & Pricing, here’s what I say:

How you present yourself should balance the reality of who you are with the knowledge of what your clients need from you, or who they need you to be… If you’re a sole proprietor, referring to yourself as “we” won’t make you seem like a big corporation. It will, however, make you seem bigger than yourself. If that’s important to your prospects, then it helps to get into the “we” habit.

What do you think about “I” vs. “we”? Which approach have you taken, and what results have you seen?

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