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I’m not waiting for @GaryVee to respond…

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Last week I heard Gary Vaynerchuk speak at the NJ Tech Meet Up and I left there transformed.

@GaryVee on the 4 hours he's sure we're wasting

@GaryVee on the 4 hours he’s sure we’re wasting

I don’t know what it was but I heard his message (“you’re not putting in the hours it takes“) and used it to motivate me to up my content game. (’re sure to notice.)

Then, on Friday, I sent him an email message inviting him to be a guest on my podcast.

But I’m not sitting around waiting for him to respond.

In fact, I don’t expect him to respond.

I willfully forgot that I reached out to him. That way, if he does respond, it will be a surprise — gravy, if you will.

Besides, I know better than to think once is enough, because he described in his talk how he decides who to respond to — it’s basically random (like most in life) but persistence increases the odds.

That means the ball is still in my court. It’s always in my court, in any interaction.

If I want something, I have to go get it. I have to have a plan for what to do next — not wait for “something wonderful” to happen, not even wait for someone to respond — if I want it, that is.

If I don’t, I’ll take whatever happens.

So I’ll reach out to him again — I’ll send him this blog post. And I’ll just keep reaching out until we connect, because that is the essence of persistence, and he said as much that night.

It was not news, just a useful reaffirmation.

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