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I gave myself permission, and it’s working out great

Posted by Ilise Benun on

On December 16, 2010, Dyana Valentine had a video post on the Creative Freelancer Blog called “Permission: it’s yours” where she generously gave each viewer permission “to do something you really, really, really, really want to do.”
I knew I’d had enough of ending every single year not only not “pausing” over the holidays (suggested by Dyana in separate post) but also not doing any of the year-end business reflection and planning that I wanted to do either!
So, after New Year’s Day, I took Dyana up on her kind offer and gave myself permission to have a Fiscal Year.
Instead of the calendar year (and except for providing tax numbers to my accountant), my business Fiscal Year is now April 1st through March 31st.
I got 3 immediate benefits from this decision:

  1. Freedom from trying to get clients and prospects to focus on new projects from basically Thanksgiving through Martin Luther King Day when they’re busy with their own year-ends, the holidays and post-holiday re-entry. (Not to mention winter’s short dark days and uncooperative weather.)
  2. December 31st isn’t going to be “year-end” for me anymore,
    so I can enjoy the holiday season without feeling the need to pressure myself into shoehorning in a year-end review and strategic planning before New Year’s Day.
  3. And I now have three solid months after the holidays to think about my business and where I want to go in my new year.  

January 1st may be THE “socially-acceptable restart button” but there are others and, thanks to Dyana Valentine, I gave myself permission to choose one of those. It seemed like a fantastic idea when it came to me and one month in, it’s working out exactly as I’d hoped.

Special thanks to Patrice Robertie of Acorn Advertising in Arlington, MA.

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