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I don’t care what they say about email…

Posted by Ilise Benun on

I don’t care what they say about email –it works.

Not only does an email newsletter keep you top-of-mind, but sometimes, if your timing is right it can produce immediate results.

Want proof?

  • When Tiffany Estes sent out her very first email newsletter, Is your website future-friendly?, within 10 minutes a past client asked her for an estimate to re-do their website.
  • Eric Koby from fatrabbit CREATIVE sent his newsletter, and within 15 minutes, a prospect asked him to price a large project. 
  • After sending one of her un-newsletters, copywriter, Deidre Rienzo got a response that said: “I’m actually working on a project right now. The client is having trouble writing the copy and I need your help.”

If an email newsletter can reap results like this—shouldn’t you be doing one? I think so. If you need help, inquire about my next Email Marketing Group

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