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How will you spend your summer?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

In the most recent email newsletter of Lisa Youngdahl, a past-member of the Beginner Marketing Group, there was a short article I liked called, “Don’t let your marketing take the summer off.” Here’s an excerpt:

Remember how as a child you looked forward to summer? Long lazy days, with nothing but fun activities to fill the hours. After spending a large percentage of my life enjoying summer break from school, it was difficult to change my state of mind and realize that I still had work that needed to be done. In some ways, summer might be a slower time of year for many businesses. Your customers or clients may be enjoying vacations, but you can still use this time to plan and improve your marketing.

  • Create that email newsletter you always planned on starting.
  • Write a press release related to summer time activities and send it to appropriate publications, both on-line and off-line.
  • Ask a few business associates to review and offer suggestions about your marketing materials. Then update your materials to get them ready for the busier times ahead.
  • Create a Facebook business Welcome Page.
  • Find a student intern to help you with your social media.
  • While everything is in bloom, have some exterior photos taken of your business.
  • Review your website. Is the content up-to-date? Do the graphics look fresh and appealing?
  • Finally start that blog and write twelve articles so you'll have them ready when needed. Fine tune the blog articles so you will have them ready to send to publications.
  • Attend networking events. Attendance is lower in the summer, so you'll have the opportunity to make better connections. Make sure you have plenty of business cards and materials to hand out at these events.
  • Find a summer event that attracts your target market. Become a sponsor and have promotional items created for distribution. Read the rest.

Summer is a great time to focus on marketing, since often times, client work can slow down. Here’s one idea: create or revamp your marketing-smart website with Website in a Week.
And, if you want to learn the tools that will fill your pipeline, I have two spots left in my Beginner Marketing Group that starts Tuesday, June 14th. 

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