How Will Digital Marketing Change in 2016?


“What is your digital marketing prediction for 2016?”

On Monday, December 14, David Bain, of the Digital Marketing Radio podcast, will ask that question to me and 53 other “marketing experts” — this will happen live online over the course of 2 hours!

That means we’ll each have 2 minutes to answer….I’ve been working on my answer all weekend!

Here’s a hint — it has to do with content marketing, which I elaborate on in the new 30-Minutes/Day Marketing Plan for Creative Professionals.

Join us on by subscribing here and then tune in tomorrow at 4-6 PM Eastern (that’s 9-11 PM GMT). My slot is at 4:10 PM — but if you miss me you’ll hear all sorts of other predictions!

I was a guest on this show almost exactly one year ago when David and I talked about “Smart Marketing Objectives” — listen to that here.

His format is unique – the first 15 minutes focus on the guest’s specialty, followed by lightening round-style segments like, “Software I couldn’t live without,” “Best advice I’ve ever received,” “The $10,000 question” and “The ‘This or That’ round.”

Hope to see you then — it should be fun!