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How to Write A Graphic Design Proposal

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Today I have more proof that the key technique to writing a graphic design proposal (or a web design proposal or any RFP response) that gets you the job — especially the big ones — is this: Devote as many pages of your proposal to the client – your understanding of their needs and your recommendations for them – as you do to yourself and your qualifications.

Most proposals I see devote way too much space to the creative professionals doing the work and not nearly enough to the project itself and the solution for the company. (Maybe because you haven’t been able to gather the intelligence to write that part intelligently.)

That’s why, in my recent webinar for RGD Ontario, I featured a case study of Rogue Element’s winning proposal and in my interview with principal, Allison Manley, focused especially on how Rogue Element goes into detail about their thinking, about what they would do for the client and why. Plus, they do it in the most important spot—up front!

Watch this video to see how much space they dedicate to the client, and get Allison’s input, and mine, on what a great proposal is made of.

If you want to see exactly what you get in the Designer’s Proposal Bundle—this video will show you.

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