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How to respond to tweets and comments?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Not sure how, or how often, to respond to tweets and comments? Recently, Colleen DeBaise posed this question to’s Team Digital (of which I’m a member).

What's your best advice for business owners when it comes to responding to customers' tweets and comments? How often should you reply, and do you respond to bad comments?

My response:  
Don't feel compelled to respond to things that don't ask for a response. I see people and businesses saying "thanks" and "ditto" in public when it's unclear what they are responding to. This just adds to the clutter and is a waste of everyone's social-media time, real estate and bandwidth. If you really want to thank someone for a RT or share, do it privately so it doesn't clog up the system.

Another member, Karen Leland, from Sterling Marketing Group, said:
Don't respond to each and every tweet or comment. A good guideline is to respond where the poster has asked a question, made a strong statement, pointed out a mistake you have made or has a request. Timing counts and most of the people who post a comment on your social media expect a response within 24 hours, any longer can discourage them from future interactions. Lastly, if you clearly have a bitter pill on your hands, don't feed your itch to fire off an angry response. Either let it go, or take the high road and respond calmly with the facts, your point of view and an apology if appropriate.

See how other Team Digital experts answered:

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