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How to pitch politely

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Here’s a question I’ve been asked 3 times so far this week and it’s only Wednesday.

Q: How do you approach a client that you think needs serious help, whether it’s design, copywriting or something else, and pitch your services without offending them?

A: First, you must find out what they think. Design in particular is very subjective. They may think what they’ve got is good enough and not that important. Or, they may love it what they have. Or they may know it’s horrible but just haven’t focused their attention on it and taken the time to find someone they trust to help. That may be you. They may be looking and waiting for you to call.

So before you give your opinion, find out where they stand and then base your response on that. Consider offering a critique of their existing materials or process and you can use that as a more formal way of presenting not only your opinion but demonstrating the value of your expertise.

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