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How to Handle Clients Who Suck Your Time

Posted by Ilise Benun on

No matter how much I get done (and I do love crossing things off my list!), I know there are always ways I can be more productive, especially when it comes to the tasks I just don’t like to do. For me, that includes social media (especially Facebook, a notorious time-suck!) and bookkeeping, in particular at this time of year when taxes are right around the corner.

For other people, that procrastination list includes most marketing tasks, but also billing — believe it or not, lots of people put off sending out invoices! (Are you one of them?) In fact, that might explain a lot of cash flow crunches right there!

Those are just a few of the topics I covered in my recent interview with my friend and colleague, Ed Gandia, of the International Freelancers Academy. (Listen here….)

One surprising topic that came up in our conversation was this: time-sucking clients.

Not to blame them, but isn’t it true that sometimes it's a specific client who keeps you from getting more done? And shouldn’t you be able to detect those people in advance, so you can charge more?

Here are a few strategies Ed and I came up with to handle those clients who need more of your time than you budgeted for:

  • Put prospects through a qualifying process that will raise the red flags to reveal their “tells” so you can at least include the extra time/effort in your pricing. (For example, if they’re not well organized when they come to you with their needs….)
  • Make sure to set clear and realistic expectations so clients understand how you work.
  • Set up (and enforce) boundaries (for clients and family) then adhere to them religiously.

Oh, and, we also chatted about how to break down the prospecting process into the tasks that can be delegated and those you have to do yourself. (Listen here….300x300 Effortless Productivity bannerver2

If you like what you hear, check out Ed’s latest (and most popular) course, “Effortless Productivity: How to Accomplish 30% More Every Day Naturally and With Less Stress” Enrollment closes Wednesday, 2/26 and the short program begins the next day – Thurdsay, 2/27. So don’t wait. Details here….

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