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How to get a prospect’s email address

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Not long ago, I wrote a Quick Tip about how to get a prospect’s email address when all you have is their phone number. (You can read it here.) The simple answer is: Ask for it. But it takes a bit of technique.

Here’s a technique that was discovered by Patrice Robertie of Acorn Advertising, one of the solopreneurs in my Bi-Weekly Marketing Plan Group (BTW, there’s one space open for the next group, if you need a marketing plan. More details here.

Here’s what Patrice wrote:

As you know, I’m reaching out to new prospects — calling and then following up with an email note. Sometimes I already have the email address, but many times I don’t.

I had been re-dialing and asking for the person’s email. Sometimes the person who answered the phone would give it to me — a lot of times, tho’ (about 30%), they would refuse.

Since I already had the companies’ web addresses and since lots of people’s emails are just their first initial and last name in front of the company address, I realized I could simply ask what came before the part in that individual’s email address.

Which worked very well. 100% success!

EVEN BETTER … today when I made my calls, I put it all together, took it one step further and said I was calling to confirm that (for example) Jane Doe’s email address was

"Just calling to confirm," I actually said. Which is nice as that was the absolute truth.

Again, 100% success … and even easier than above.

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