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How to find your competitors

Posted by Jill Anderson on


Personally, I think we designers and creatives have plenty of job security. I mean just think about the all the bad design that exists in the world. It’s as common as pumpkin spice references during the fall. It’s time to stop getting so worked up about “competitors” and who we’re “competing with” for projects. I know for a fact that if we let go of this race-fight-win perspective, we will all be smarter and more successful.

That’s why Step #3 of my free report, Get Your Website Done: 12 Actionable Steps for Designers, is so important. It’s all about learning from your competitors! And I’m not just saying you should do it—I’m practicing what I preach for my own website redesign.

Who are your competitors? There are 3 ways to figure it out.

  1. Who potential clients are considering along with you. One way to know this is to ask your clients. Who else were you considering before awarding me this project? Or ask the people who don’t give you the project. Who did you end up giving the project to? Don’t be afraid to ask!
  2. People who come up in the same Google searches as you. When prospective clients are searching for a term that you do, or want to, show up for—the people who also show up are your competitors.
  3. People in your personal network who provide similar services to you.Whether they’re in your online or in-person network, turning these “competitors” into “partners” is of the smartest things you can do.

Read more and see the analysis of my competitors here.

Want to finally get your website done? Download my free report and follow along with me.

Hi, I’m Jill, a web designer/developer who partners with talented designers, copywriters, and agencies on their websites, and their client’s sites. I’m passionate about crafting beautiful and innovative WordPress websites focused on clear positioning and positive user experiences. See my work & get my free report, Get Your Website Done: 12 Actionable Steps for Designers.

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