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How to develop expertise in your niche

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Our friend, Neil Tortorella, has done a series of blog posts on developing your niche. In the third post of the series, Developing Expertise in your Niche Market, Neil tells my story of how I came to focus on my niche, creative solopreneurs. He also shares plenty of insightful pointers:

Here’s a little secret – not everybody knows the stuff you do. That will become a cornerstone in establishing your niche authority. The thing is, you do whatever it is you do every day. Whether it’s graphic design, writing, accounting, law, financial planning, etc., there are those knowledge bits and bytes that you assume everybody knows. You know it because it’s a regular part of your business life, so you figure, “That’s awfully basic. Everybody knows that.”  In reality, they don’t. Others don’t think about it until they happen to need a certain little tidbit.

Read the rest here:

Other posts in the series include, Nicely Niched – Introduction, and Identifying your Niche.

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