How to demonstrate your value to a prospect

Newsletters can be an amazing tool to communicate with your audience and stay top of mind. But they can also go a long way toward strengthening your positioning and preventing sticker shock by demonstrating the value you bring to a project. 

In a recent Beginner Marketing Group, Elizabeth Coffey, from Elizabeth Coffey Design, developed this newsletter, “Where do logos come from?” to demonstrate her process so her clients will value it – and pay her the fees she wants to charge. 

Where Do Logos Come From?

Think about the logos you see every day. Which ones do you respond to? Which ones leave you cold? Whether they're clever, cute, funky or forceful, logos instantly shape our opinions of the organizations they represent. While the best logos usually look simple, you might be surprised at what's involved in creating an effective one.

These are the steps I take to design a logo:

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