How to commit to you in the new year

I’ve been watching all the other New Year’s messages coming through, trying to decide what message I want to convey and coming up with, frankly, very little.

I’m not a big fan of new year’s resolutions. They’re too dramatic and tend to create more pressure and guilt than results.

But the word that keeps coming to my mind is commitment. I’m asking myself: what am I committed to in my business (and the rest of my life, for that matter)?

And one thing I know for sure is that I’m committed to continued growth. That means, among other things, to keep driving my business toward the overlap between challenging myself and finding ways to help the people who come my way.

2007 will bring lots more books and e-books from the Marketing Mentor Store to watch for those, as well as more structure to the Marketing Mentor program, with a focus on teaching the five marketing tools that work best together (and cost the least).

For you, growth could mean more clients or maybe just better clients. More creative projects or more stability. It could mean more money. Or introducing your services to a brand new market. Or maybe what’s more important is more time to devote to other endeavors.

What kind of growth are you committed to for 2007?