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How to bag a wild gamer

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Good developers are hard to find—ask any designer who partners with a programmer to develop websites. Coding is a skill, but it’s also an art, and those who are the best at it can pretty much name their terms.

That’s why the tactic game developer Red 5 used to entice potential developers was so brilliant. They created the perfect vehicle to reach their target—a series of beautifully designed, nesting boxes, the last of which contained an engraved iPod shuffle with a secret message. Fed-Exed to the recipients’ desks.

The package spoke volumes even before the recipient played the special-to-them MP3 inside, not the least of which was "We’ve spent time looking for you." After all, they’re not sending out 5,000 of these costly, handmade objects; they’re sending out a handful.

You can read a great write up of the promotion here and another, first-person eyewitness post from one of the recipients (with pictures!), here.

It’s an inspiring story to me on a lot of levels, mostly because I love the creative firepower that went into solving a difficult problem. (Not to mention the daring of the risk!)

What problems have you solved creatively? What conundrums seemed insurmountable that you’ve overcome?

UPDATE: You can also read about the program on Red 5’s website, here. They call it "Golden Ticket." Couldn’t think of a better name myself, and I do that for a living.

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