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How sentimental should holiday card sentiments be?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

I’ve been talking with clients this past week about how they’re taking advantage of the holiday marketing opportunity before us.

Some clients have big plans for expensive gifts, but since we live in a culture where most people have much more than they need, I think it’s more valuable to take a moment to write something original and personal. That goes much further than a gourmet basket any day.

Of course, what to write on them is another story. As I get ready to send out my own holiday cards, I’m trying to decide what to say on them.

Along with the requisite holiday cheer, here are some sentiments from cards I’ve already received:

  • "So nice to see your business flourish…"
  • "So glad to part of your business growth this year…"
  • "Thanks so much for your support this past year…"
  • "Thanks for being a source of (fill in the blank as appropriate)…"

Do some of these make more sense for clients than for vendors, colleagues or prospects?

What do you think? What will your cards say?

And what do you feel about the gifts vs. cards thing?

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