How personal should you be? – QTMM 3/23/16

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Who knew that when Deidre asked on the blog recently, Should you get personal in your newsletters? it would hit a nerve and instigate dueling blog posts?

(BTW, that’s one of the things I love about content marketing – you don’t know what people will respond to until they do.)

When I shared the post on LinkedIn, many voted “YES” for being personal. Janet Falk disagreed — she prefers sharing tips and relevant information.

Sensing a juicy topic, I asked Janet to share her opinion in a guest post—which she did here.

Then, Deidre responded with her rebuttal: Do what “personally” works for you.

This proves the point I often make: that there is no “right” way to do this marketing thing. We each have to find “our people” and give them what they need to hear. Both of these women are running successful businesses. They are both comfortable in their choices and those choices make sense for their target markets.

As you have probably noticed, I share more tips than personal details, but I love Deidre’s personal approach and I know it works for her audience. And every now and then I do share something personal. In fact, one of the most effective messages I have ever sent out was about being  stuck in San Francisco (fortunately) during Storm Sandy. I think the timeliness of it really engaged people. (Do you remember that one? Did it strike you as too personal?)

The personal approach to newsletter writing has to be done strategically. If it’s gratuitous, it’s a waste of everyone’s attention. But some creatives I know — especially copywriters – have the ability to weave the personal into a relevant marketing message, which, when done well, makes you feel like you know them. And that is one really good way to build trust.

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