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How one creative firm found its positioning

Posted by Ilise Benun on

We’ve been doing short interviews where you can hear what other creative business owners are doing and learn from their experience – and people are really enjoying them! They have said that it’s energizing and inspiring to hear the voices of other creatives – a very necessary part of keeping the marketing going! So, here’s the next dose of inspiration…

In our recent interview, I asked Beth Brodovsky from Iris Creative two big questions:

1. How did you come to pinpoint your target market? She talks about how she (and her staff) worked together to find their target market, membership organizations, after being generalists for many years.

2. Which tools do you use to promote your services? She describes how they geographically narrowed their search, paid extra attention to job titles, use postcards productively, use speaking programs to get new prospects (even if they don’t attend!) and more…

Listen to the interview on the Marketing Mentor Podcast.

If you are a “larger” firm (if it’s more than just you!), and you need guidance, we have an Advanced Marketing Group starting the week of November 15th.

And, if you want all your Advanced marketing tasks laid out for you – check out the 2011 Marketing Mentor eCalendar.


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