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How often should you call?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Last night, I gave a talk for NJ Creatives and was waxing poetic about the dreaded cold calling, specifically about how prospects don't call you back (and why you shouldn't expect them to) but that that doesn't mean you should stop calling.

Someone asked how often to call and, as if on cue, Steve Guberman from Fifth Room Creative raised his hand and told us all an incredible story about how he called an organization he wanted to work with every week for a year, often leaving a quick joke on his prospect's voice mail — he did that every week for a year!

During that year, he had a couple conversations with the prospect. Otherwise, the calls weren't returned, but the prospect never said to stop calling. So he didn't.

One day, after a year, the prospect called with a project and then another and another and that client was eventually worth $100K in business.

What if Steve had taken the silence for lack of interest and given up? He'd have missed that $100K, right? Can you learn from Steve's experience?

Any more success stories out there we can use to inspire people to get over the dread? Because, as one client wrote to me last week, "the dread is worse than the doing." So true….

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