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HOW Marketing Live - a preview

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Because marketing and design must work so closely together -- in fact, you can't have one without the other -- new this year at HOW Design Live, the country's largest design conference, is a new event produced in partnership with the American Marketing Association: HOW Marketing Live. 

And as one of the Programming Partners for HOW Design Live, I was honored to help build the program for this new event, which is designed" to straddle the line between marketing and design, sharing design ideas that marketers need to understand and marketing ideas that designers need to understand. 

I"m thrilled with the program, which includes: 

    • Mona Patel, author or founder of Motivate Design, on The Tension Between Marketing and Design -- listen to a recent podcast with Mona here
    • Michael Solomon, author and professor of marketing, on Designing for The Attention Economy -- listen to a recent podcast with Michael here
    • Jonathan Cleveland of Cleveland Design and his client, VP of Global Marketing at Sensitech, Elizabeth Darragh. They will present a case study on how Cleveland Design went from working on a project to become an important member of the company's marketing team. 
    • Aaron Keller, co-author of The Physics of Brand, on Why — and how — to marry effective marketing and meaningful design. Listen to a recent podcast with Aaron here
    • Douglas Spencer on How to Shift Perceptions of the Creative Team from "Decorators" to Strategic, Lead-Generating and Brand-Building Partners."

Also, the AMA is producing sessions including:

You can find more details and registration info here.

Hope to see you in Boston this Spring!

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