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How I Prevent Overwhelm (QTMM 9/8/16)

Posted by Ilise Benun on


I live by the Rule of 3.

I’ll tell you why (and I’ll follow the rule):

  • 3 is manageable to digest — it’s orderly and never overwhelms.
  • 3 efforts give you a stronger start than a measly 1.
  • 3 gives you enough information to decide whether to proceed. 

Three is the key to self discipline – limit yourself to no more than:

  • 3 good tries – you know what happens when you try to do more
  • 3 strong ideas – you know what happens when you try to implement more
  • 3 small bites – you know what happens when you indulge more

The trick to 3? It requires restraint. Weeding out all but the best 3.  

I learned the Rule of 3 from my good friend, Dana Manciagli, who’s offering a free live master class on Sept. 14 & 15: Killer Job Search Techniques

3 Best Resources 

That’s enough for today — don’t want to overwhelm…

But if want help figuring out how to apply the Rule of 3 to bring order to your business, it may be time to take me up on my “free mentoring session” offer – it has no expiration date and I promise it’s not a sales pitch! Let’s use it to choose your 3 best options.

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