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How good are you?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

In my Quick Tip yesterday I wrote about the connection between mild anxiety and laziness. In it, I listed these 4 “reasons” my clients use to avoid marketing tasks:

  • ….they/you are introverted
  • ….they/you don't know what to say
  • ….they/you don't like confrontation
  • ….they/you are afraid of rejection.

I heard back from many people adding to my list, including this one that I hear from clients a lot but perhaps don’t take seriously enough. One responder wrote:

I’d say the #1 reason for my avoiding the marketing task is not the four reasons listed (they are, but are probably not the major reason), but rather feeling uncertain about “how good you are” and “how good people expect you are” (for the price they expect to pay).

 Here’s my response to that:

How “good” you are is very subjective and totally amorphous. Plus, most clients have no way to judge how “good” you are. They like what they like, can rarely articulate it and usually can’t tell mediocre from amazing. So how “good” you are isn’t really the important issue.

What does matter and what you do have to promote is this: what value do you bring to the project, to the client?

This is also subjective but so much less amorphous if you can get clear on it and then learn to articulate it.

If you do, it won’t matter how “good” you are.

Does that make sense?

BTW: I teach this in my new positioning group, which starts early Sept. Email for details.

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