How far would you walk for a good idea?

I don’t know about you, but it’s pretty easy for me to let an entire day go by without having moved more than about 30 feet from my desk and computer. Between the work I do (design, writing, consulting), the communicating I have to do to get it done, and just plain horsing around on Twitter, I put on a good (or bad) 7 lbs. in about 18 months!

So it was vanity that got me up and moving initially; I instituted a 2.5 mile walk every morning just to keep fitting in my pants. But as I wrote on my own blog recently, I quickly found that taking the walk in the morning had a particular benefit: setting a good tone for the rest of the day.

Now, with the rising price of gas and concern over my ecological footprint, I’ve added another challenge: replace one day’s driving with walking. Last week, I had to drop off my car for servicing, so I scheduled it for the morning, dropped it off the night before, and tacked on another 4.5 miles each way, still sticking to my regular 2.5 miles on top of that.

Apparently, my breakthrough point for ideas is somewhere around 6 miles. I got blasted with so many creative solutions to problems I’ve been carrying around in those last couple of miles, I was worried I wouldn’t get home in time to write them down. (Yeah, yeah—never forget your notebook. I know, I know…)

On top of everything else, I feel like the ideas keep flowing a lot more easily once I’m back at my desk, too.

All of this makes me curious: do you have a mile-marker or time-marker where you’ve noticed that your ideas start flowing faster? Or am I nuts, here?