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How enticing is your email signature?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Via a fellow designer’s newsletter, I followed a link to an interesting take on email signatures that got me thinking about how I’ve been using mine.

Business coach Mark Silver suggests that since people are inundated with email these days, there’s an opportunity to stand out with a signature that’s not just a laundry list of letters and digits, but provides both a ‘breather’ and more value than the home page of your website.

For example, I might write up a blog post about 10 ways to communicate with creative types, then link to it at the bottom of emails with a lead in like:

Ever have trouble getting that idea you had from your head to the page? Here’s a few great ways to "speak creative" to that artist, copywriter or designer…

He also suggests providing a full URL (e.g., "http://www…, etc), since most email clients will turn something with the "http" preface into a clickable link.

Of course, you want to make sure you’re providing your contact info in your emails, too. But since Peleg and Ilise have already come up with the greatest idea known to man for that (build it into your reply-to name!), you get some real estate back at the bottom.

You can read the full article from Mark Silver’s newsletter here. Me? I’m going to get cracking on that must-read blog article…

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