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How can you be like Santa?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Who is the most popular, well-known person in December? Santa, of course. In her blog post, “How to be a Better Marketer than Santa Claus,” Bethany Siegler from UniqueThink talks about what we can learn from such an effective marketer. Here is an excerpt:

You gotta admit, Santa rocks the marketing!

Whether you celebrate the Christmas holiday or not, you have to agree, Santa is the ultimate marketer.

For one month out of the year (December), he does a bunch of high profile joint partnerships (tie-ins with everyone from Macy’s to Salvation Army – not to mention Rudolph), everyone is talking about him the whole time (effective word of mouth marketing), and, in one night, he gets more done than most of us do all year!

Santa Marketing Facts:

  1. Branding: Everyone knows who he is and what his story is about, where to find him and how he works! Not to mention, the all important, everyone wants what he has to offer.
  2. Networking: This guy is all over the place: Shopping malls, holiday parties, he does cameos on most of our favorite TV programs, special appearances at the White House, Rockefeller Center and just about every big gig this season…
  3. Exposure: No one gets more air time then this guy: TV specials, newscasts, radio spots, commercials, billboards, print and, everywhere online!

How does Santa do it? And more importantly, how can you duplicate it?

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