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How can you be a conference speaker?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

We have been following Pam Saxon’s journey as she finds new prospects and tries to position herself as an expert by going after speaking gigs. (She is using thought leadership marketing tools, which will be focused on in the Advanced Marketing Group starting the week of November 15th).

Last week, her persistence paid off when she finally got in touch with the organizer of a conference she had been going after for a while to no avail. She didn’t give up, and ultimately got a call with him!

Here’s what happened:

I spoke with the head honcho who hires the speakers for the new organization I'm going after… FINALLY. We have some very important contacts in common (he had gone to the trouble of googling me and finding my bio somewhere out there on the web, probably on my website).
He asked me what my ideas are for workshops/seminars, and I briefly told him. He wants me to send a title and blurb for each one, kind of like a mini-proposal, and then they are going to look at everything they have and make the decision about who fits for next year's conference early in January. He told me exactly what they pay, what is covered, there were absolutely no questions. It was great!
I was a little nervous talking to him, just because I'm not accustomed to trying to sell myself as a speaker. But I think it went pretty well. My feeling is that once I am able to get one of these things, I'll be able to get more…
Thanks to Pam for sharing her story. We will keep you posted on the outcome.

How can you make something big happen for your business? By setting a goal – and not giving up until you get there. If you need accountability, take a look at the Beginner and Advanced Marketing Groups (starting the week of November 15th) to keep you on track.

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