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How a strong idea can take you up the steepest hill

Posted by Colleen Wainwright on

I don’t know about you, but ideas–and work–tend to come to me in batches.

Big, gnarly batches, that I sometimes have trouble handling, but that I’m reluctant to say "no" to, especially when the idea is juicy.

Because really, as a creative person–a creative solopreneur, if you will–that’s what moves me: big, fat, juicy ideas. It’s what makes me say "yes" to participating in an, um, adult reading series (click here for my solution, "The Dirty Keywords Search Song", and be warned: it’s definitely NSFW–not safe for work!). It’s what made me have to redesign the entire PowerPoint deck Ilise and I will be using for our presentation at the Creative Freelancer Conference tomorrow (!!). It’s what made me say "yes" to developing a second presentation to give to actors on online marketing, with just 10 days to prepare, in the midst of all this.

And it’s what made me decide to write, shoot and edit a submission for Southwest Airlines Blog-O-Spondent competition, running right now.

When Peter Shankman announced the idea on the HARO list, it was sort of a blip on my radar: of mild interest. But then I got this big, juicy idea–to get ALL my online friends to submit a piece of video for it–and I knew that crazy schedule or not, I had to do it.

It’s up on the contest site now, and I hope you’ll go check it out and give it a big YES! vote by clicking the green button. Less because I’m excited about winning fabulous prizes and more because I really do want everyone to see this great, crazy idea come to life.

You can also leave a comment there, or come back and tell me what you think here. Because, yeah, I really do wanna know!

That link again? Right here!

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