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Holiday gift help?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Tis the season! From baked goods to gifts cards, from bottles of wine to business card holders, there are so many options for holiday gifts for clients. How do you really show your appreciation? How do you pick something that clients will actually enjoy?

Please share your plans and ideas for holiday outreach this season.

If you are saying, “Darn it, the holidays snuck up on me again,” and you have no idea what you’re doing — we hope you can get some ideas from other creatives.

Maybe you are skipping the traditional holiday season and opting for a New Year or Valentine’s effort?

Shameless plug: If your clients are creatives, we do customized, spiral-bound Marketing Plan + Calendars. Email for more information.

What is the best holiday gift you ever received from a client?

What are you doing for clients this year?


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