Here’s What Happens When You Choose The Right Prospects

Hands down, the most important element in your marketing plan is the right prospects. With that essential piece in place, it is just a matter of timing and persistence before you land your dream project(s).

The right prospects are especially key to finding work via email marketing. And you probably don’t need that many excellent projects to make reach your goals, right?

Stephanie Helline of Strategic Design Studio started doing her email outreach in February. She pulled together (from online research) a small list of hospital administrators who were likely to attend an industry event where she was going to be speaking. 


In her first week of outreach, she sent friendly and personalized email messages to 5 prospects at the hospital systems she considers her ideal clients. Her response rate for that first week was a whopping 40%: although one prospect had no budget, the other asked for a meeting. As I write, she’s waiting to hear back on the proposal she submitted.

Turns out, her timing was perfect for that one hospital. Plus, this contact perfectly fits the criteria for her ideal contact at her ideal client organization: she has 35 years experience and understands what she needs. No need to educate her!

That’s one more solid prospect in her pipeline than she had before she did her outreach.

I’ve got my fingers crossed to see what happens. But this is what’s possible when you give some thought to whom to target and do it in a simple yet personal way.

The reason this technique works is because you’re reaching out to people you’ve qualified, carefully selected. 

Have you noticed something similiar?