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Here’s to a strong 2011 + we need your help

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Since I was snowbound yesterday, I spent the day looking closely at my numbers for 2010 and thinking about how I want to grow Marketing Mentor in 2011. Through that process, I came up with this worksheet, which addresses 4 areas of growth:


  1. Balancing your client roster
  2. Getting more of your favorite projects
  3. Getting more of the most lucrative projects
  4. Making more money 

We need your help. We can’t for the life of us come up with a title for the worksheet. We are too close to it. So if you have 10 minutes today, please download this worksheet, do it, and let us know your suggestions for a title. Thanks! 

There will be a winner: The best title gets a free copy of my new book (coming shortly!), The Creative Professionals Guide to Money.

Reminder: With 2011 around the corner, if you need help creating a pipeline-filling new year, don’t forget about the 2011 Marketing Plan + Calendar Bundle which includes the eCalendar that syncs with your Outlook, iCal, Google Cal and more…


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