Healthcare Target Market Starts to Pay Off

I’m getting lots of great feedback on the podcast interviews we’ve been posting so here’s the latest conversation I had with Creative Freelancer Conference and Marketing Group veteran, Lisa Smith Youngdahl.

Lisa joined the Beginner Marketing Group in September 2009 and has since been targeting healthcare non-profits and larger medical practices for her Chicago-area design business. 

Guess what! It’s starting to pay off. Late last year, she also moved out of her home office into a studio space, which she loves!

In this 11 minute interview, we look what she’s achieved in the past year and a half, including:

  • Why her newsletter, Creative Remedies, is one of most valuable tools she has, and how she gets it done every month
  • Why contacting doctors directly doesn’t work, and what to do instead
  • How exactly she uses Twitter to directly relate to her market and get business!
  • The effect that healthcare-focused events has had on her business
  • How long it takes for connections to turn into clientsAnd how she uses the Marketing Plan Calendar to stay on track

Meet Lisa at this year’s Creative Freelancer Conference in Chicago. And in the meantime, listen to this interview (11 min) on the Marketing Mentor Podcast. If you want to be the next interviewee, send an email to with a couple paragraphs about why.