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Have You Tasted Competence?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

“Once you get a taste of competence, you’ll never go back.” 

At first, when I heard David Baker of ReCourses say this, I thought he was talking about the clients – that when your clients get a taste of working with a specialist who is therefore necessarily more competent than someone who is not, they won’t ever go back to working with a generalist. 

But then it became clear that he was talking about me — and about you. He meant that once you or I get a taste of being competent, we’ll never go back to being a generalist. 

And David is right. I do love the experience of being competent, of understanding the creative professionals who come to me, of recognizing the patterns in their problems and knowing how to tailor my advice to each different situation. I will never go back to being a generalist because it feels so much better to know what I’m doing. 

In fact, when prospects outside the creative arena approach me about doing a marketing plan for them, I hesitate (and sometimes outright refuse) unless I can take the time to learn what I need to help them.

Do you know what I’m talking about? Have you experienced this?


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