Have you chosen your path? Are you comfy with it?

During the research for my new article on the evolution of a creative business, “From Start to Smart,” (coming out in the September edition of HOW), and the companion webinar, I inquired about how creatives’ businesses have evolved, and what they’ve let go of

Web designer, Kirk Roberts, has let go of the idea that his path, and his goal, need to be the same as everybody else’s. He says: 

Starting out, I could only look backwards at my experiences and where I'd worked as models for my own business. Very limiting. Now I realize I can handle it however I want: being creative about the biggest design project of all… my own life. Even if everyone else in the world is doing something one way doesn't mean I have to also. There are many potentially successful paths, even if the goal is the same. And just as importantly, my goal doesn't need to be the same as anybody else's … but the spirit can be the same: choosing our own path and getting comfy with it.

I started about four years ago and what I "do" has almost completely changed. 

How has your envisioned path changed since you started?

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