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Have you been stiffed lately?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

$15, 786, 318.00 

As of today, The World’s Longest Invoice shows that 2500+ freelancers are owed almost $16 million dollars, which they will very likely never collect because:

– It costs too much time and money to go after deadbeats, with no guarantee of recovery

– There are no laws in place protecting independent contractors (of which there are more and more every day) from being victims of these deadbeat clients. 

According to a message I got from The Freelancers Union this week, this outsize invoice has also generated a lot of media coverage – “from The Huffington Post to The Washington Post, BuzzFeed to Businessweek, people are covering, tweeting, sharing, and marveling at how so much damage could be done to such a vital part of our workforce.”

If you've been stiffed by a client or have outstanding payments that are way past due, add them today to the World's Longest Invoice.

The Freelancers Union will be delivering the invoice to lawmakers on May 22. You can also join the #GetPaidNotPlayed conversation on Twitter with Freelancers Union founder @Sara_Horowitz.

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