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HARO: Help a reporter, help yourself

Posted by Colleen Wainwright on

Speaking of P.R. opportunities, Peter Shankman, one of your cooler P.R. people on the planet (he sky-dives! he runs marathons! he’s not a tool!), runs one of your cooler mailing lists around.

It’s called "Help a Reporter Out"–or, "HARO", for short–and quite simply, it exists to match journalists with the people they need to help tell their stories. Originally developed as a more efficient way to help out his many reporter friends who were always emailing him for sources, HARO moved from its original home on Facebook when the group (quickly) reached the service’s 500-person limit.

Now he’s approaching a membership of 10,000 with his free, thrice-daily mailings. They’re brief, well-organized and the intros are almost always amusing.

You can sign up for the list here (or, if you’re a journalist, you can sign up here). The only rules are that you ONLY reply to stories you are absolutely qualified for. Failure to do so will get you banned, no questions asked.

I’ve already submitted one item that may run in SELF magazine; even when there’s nothing there for me (which is most of the time), I sometimes see something that a friend or colleague may be able to answer, and forward it (along with the warning, of course!)

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