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Guest Post: Watch out for those assumptions!

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Another terrific story from a Marketing Mentor client, copywriter Eileen Sutton, this one on the danger of assuming.

Dear Ilise,

You once cautioned against trying to interpret silence. I learned that lesson well recently.

I had met Ted at a conference. He knew I wanted to write for a certain financial company, and he offered to put me in touch with his contact there.  I called him later that week and got the name.  Then, even though I am utterly compulsive about detail, and virtually never lose things, the information he gave me went into the ether and after a serious search I couldn’t find it. Finally, weeks later, I threw in the towel and with some measure of embarrassment, wrote Ted again for the information.

He never responded. I was convinced he thought I was unprofessional, and the whole episode made me feel awful. Some time later, Ted approached me at a luncheon. He apologized for not getting back to me, and said he had been traveling and was busy. I laughed out loud, and told him about my inner dialogue when I didn’t hear from him. He graciously invited me to email him again for the referral.

The moral of the story? Assume nothing. And always be willing to ask twice.

—Eileen Sutton, Copywriter
E.F. Sutton Creative

Thanks for sharing, Eileen. Anyone else make an assumption that turned out to be false?

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