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Guest Post: The Send first/Phone first dilemma

Posted by Ilise Benun on

I don’t know of anyone (probably because my contact list is light on masochists) who actually likes cold calling.

On the other hand, I’m reluctant to rule it out as a marketing technique because I keep hearing stories of how well it works, if done well. Marketing Mentee Jennifer Neal, Managing Partner of K9 Design Co., recently devised a great hack for cold calling that not only eases things considerably, but is showing great results.

I’ll let her tell the rest…

For those of you who are daunted by the thought of calling a prospective lead or contact please read this.

Although I am not opposed to "cold calling" I don’t love it and I can usually find 20 other "more important" things to do before I finally psych myself up to start them only to realize it’s 4:55 p.m.

Over the last month, Ilise and I have worked together to write a letter that accompanies a sample publication that we are particularly proud of. This letter and the sample will go out — 10 per week — to a very targeted list that we are attempting to do business with. The snail mail cost is $2.65 per package plus the fancy envelope that we chose to send it out in. That’s $26.50 per week.

The results have blown even me away. I cannot believe how easy it makes it for me to call them now. My first 2 calls were off-the-charts-great with referrals to other leads and purchasers of my services. Even though I still get the odd crunchy voice and many voice mails, we now we have something to talk about. Several of the contacts have been so happy to know that specialists like us exist and immediately have told me about upcoming opportunities they want us involved in.

It took us some difficult business soul searching to finally bite the bullet and decide to niche in one particular area but once we did and started to market ourselves that way – the possibilities seem to be endless. I can’t imagine being a jack-of-all-design trades now.

So please take my advice and do 2 things:

  1. Target your business and I mean target your business — it makes marketing so much easier and matter of fact. (I am a convert!)
  2. Create what I call a "cold calling crutch" and get something out to your targets before you call them — it makes the calls easier. We all deserve for this to be easy.

Take the time and do this – you’ll be so happy you did. At first I felt it was a cop out to have this "crutch" but now I think it is just brilliant! It’s my new marketing thing.

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