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Guest Post: The Girls Just Wanna Have Businesses

Posted by Colleen Wainwright on

Marketing Mentor client Jezra Kaye has talked about her networking experiences in the field before for the Marketing Mix blog. Today’s story details a recent experience in the company of women, and covers some interesting changes in the nature of networking over the years.

The best networking experience I’ve had in over a year (perhaps ever) was at last Friday’s Womensphere Entrepreneurial Leadership Summit—a one-day event in NYC that was inspiring, informative and fun.   

The 200+ women (and over 40 speakers) who gathered to present, learn and brainstorm on topics ranging from Web 2.0 to Angel Investing to The Entrepreneurial Life Cycle ran the gamut of business types—from college women launching their first ventures (one example:  leak-proof, stain-resistant panties) to recent biz school grads (“HBS” was a much-heard acronym) to venture capitalists to celebrity bloggers to CEOs of long-established firms.

Every age, stage and ethnicity was represented—yet there were two big areas of commonality among these extraordinarily diverse and interesting women:

1.  They were NICE. The passion for entrepreneurship is a great leveler.  But credit for the collegiality at this event also goes to the Womensphere team, led by CEO/Founder Analisa Balares, which set a tone of warmth, enthusiasm, curiosity and inclusion.  This atmosphere of easy acceptance meant that everyone spoke to everyone else—and the business cards were flying.   

2.  They had GREAT SHOES. “Dress for success” used to mean ugly navy suits and white broadcloth shirts, but the vividly dressed entrepreneurs at this conference made it clear that those days are gone for good.  We aren’t just blazing new trails—we’re doing it in pumps, peek-toes, platforms and spikes.

Carrie Bradshaw, eat your heart out!


Jezra Kaye is a master speaker coach and speechwriter who helps her clients say the things that matter.  On 7/29, she’ll be leading “PRESTO! Presentation,” a workshop on how to talk to anyone about any topic, in New York City.  Learn more at Jezra’s website, or sign up for her newsletter.

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