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Guest Post: Sometimes, marketing yourself is a snap

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Today’s guest post comes from copywriter Mistina Bates of Market It Write!, a Marketing Mentor client who recently gained an interesting perspective on creative marketing for entrepreneurs…via plans for her own wedding!

I’ve been thinking about your advice to give prospects a taste…

Specifically, this week I received an email from a talented wedding photographer who is setting up in Central Park one weekend day and offering a free engagement shoot.

Having only started the wedding planning process, I’ve been amazed at how blatantly the wedding industry strives to rip off couples. Yet this photographer (one of the pricier services) is spending one day of his life to provide a free service to his target audience. He takes 30–45 minutes for the shoot and posts the photos on an online gallery, where couples and their families can buy the photos or part with no obligation. Naturally, he hopes that once people see how fabulous they look through his creative lens,
they’ll want the same effect on their special day. And he’s probably right. (I absolutely loved his portfolio.)

I’ve been marveling at how fresh, innovative and USEFUL this marketing tactic is–especially within an industry known for gouging clients at every turn. He’s making a small, but significant investment with a tremendous upside potential.

Of course, savvy photographer Christopher Duggan has a blog, too—another relatively simple, nicely authentic way to get you in touch with people who might benefit from your services. You know we’re big fans of blogging here at The Marketing Mix!

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