Guest Post: Jump-starting ideas

Today’s guest post comes from Peter Levinson, owner of LevinsonBlock LLC, a graphic design firm that has specialized in entrepreneurial non profits for over 20 years. It’s a great, FUN hack for restarting the idea machine when it gets stuck in low gear.

I was designing a gala invitation concept for one of my clients. Not my favorite kind of project — no real concept, horrible photos, and, of course, it needed to happen yesterday.

I had spent the previous afternoon at my desk trying to hammer out something, anything that could work. I looked at my scribbles the next morning — there wasn’t a winner in the bunch. I was stuck.

What to do? Road trip — NYC style! I grabbed a pen and a notebook and hopped on the subway. On off-hours it is like a strange fluorescent-lit library. The rhythm of the rails focuses and relaxes me — and it helps to be away from email and phone calls. An hour later I exit the train with workable concepts.

What do you think? Share your methods for getting un-stuck.

Visit LevinsonBlock’s website here, or check out their newsletter archives here.