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Guest Post: How a Connection Can Help Seal the Deal

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Frequent contributor Mary McCauley-Stiff of 5 Star Writing weighs in with an interesting post on connecting with your clients.

I received a call the other day from someone looking for a writer to
help revamp her website. An acquaintance we had in common had
recommended me. After a brief discussion, she asked me if I’d been born
in Minnesota. I quickly realized that this prospect had read the bio on
my website. It turns out she’d been born and raised in Minnesota (I
lived there for 17 – brrr! – years). The conversation became a bit more
personal as we revealed our experiences living in the “Land of 10,000
Lakes.” (Much more lyrical than the actual number of 11,842.) When the
phone call ended, she promised to email the information I needed to
provide her with a quote.

Of course, I made sure to send off a quick email to the
acquaintance who recommended me to this prospect. Her reply surprised

“I gave her a couple of names and she chose you (partially) because of Minnesota. Funny how important connections are.”

After getting over being miffed that I wasn’t THE only writer
recommended (just kidding!), I realized I was glad that this year, I’d
exchanged the Prices/Services page on my website with my bio.
It’s much nicer to chat with a potential client over something we have
in common instead of being cross-examined because I posted my prices

If you’re a one-person shop and you don’t have a bio on your
website, I encourage you to write one – and loosen up while you’re
writing it! I think some of us strain for an ultra-professional website
that’s devoid of personal information, but the fact is, we’re all
people and our decisions on buying and hiring are based more on emotion
than on logic. So why not give your prospects something to help break
the ice when they first call?

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