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Guest Post: Do an email one better

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Copywriter Eileen Sutton, principal of EF Sutton Creative, has shared good advice here on the Marketing Mix blog before. Today, she talks about how making a slight shift in the way you connect  can have a big impact. (Yes, it involves putting yourselves a little farther out there, fellow introverts, but don’t reject it out of hand!)

Like everyone, I go to networking events, get business cards, send follow-up emails. Yet after making a call the other day to set up lunch, I realized how much I miss hearing someone’s voice, and how impersonal and lonely email can feel. Plus, my lunch date was thrilled to get a call vs. an email.

This week I networked, but I did something different with the batch of business cards. I called each person I met. Each call lasted about 10-15 mintues, so it was an investment of about 2 hours. The calls were warm, it felt different than just sending my brochure, and I learned more about each person I spoke with. My new recommendation: talk first and email credentials later, so we can all celebrate the sound of the human voice.

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