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Guest Post: Crazy stats

Posted by Ilise Benun on

With Peleg & Ilise in Boston for the HOW conference this week, previous guest mixer Jennifer Neal of K9 Design is stepping up to kick butt and name names here on the blog. Today’s entry is another great lesson in cold calling. Jen, can I get you to handle mine for me? :-)

Here’s a short and sweet lesson I learned this week.

Thursday rolled around and I realized that I hadn’t made any calls yet so I panicked – not so much because my life, as I know it, is over…but more so because Ilise was going to kill me if I hadn’t made my calls.

So in a hurry I made 6 quick calls to my existing data base that I hadn’t spoken to since 2005 – I know…don’t ask.

But (get this) out of 6 calls – 2 called me back and out of those 2 I booked an appointment with 1. That appointment, which I had yesterday, turned into a proposal for a new publication which looks very promising.

So what lessons did I learn:

1. It’s NEVER to late to call them back – even if it has been 3 years!!!! I’m sorry to say this but…Most of them don’t remember when you called them last anyway.


2. 6:1 call ratios are crazy stats.

So get out there and call. Don’t be scared, don’t be shy, just get out there. Calling can be a key to the next open door.

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