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Guest Post: Ann Strong talks about the 4 C’s of success

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Back in the olden days, the only way to get new clients involved cold calling, prospecting, setting appointments, making presentations and — when we hit the jackpot — closing sales. Outbound marketing. Better known as pounding the pavement.

Today, we have the additional extremely attractive and quite effective option of bringing in new clients through inbound marketing as well. Also known as people asking us to become our clients! Ah, the life of inbound . . .

So, how do we create this beautiful flow of people asking us to become our clients?

Are enough people finding you or are you meeting enough people?

Once you initially connect, are they attracted into your community?

Once they've engaged in your community, do they ask for or would they love a consult with you?

As a result of the consult, do they hire you?

Through targeted on-and off-line networking, social media and blogging, you invite potential clients to your website.  Then you entice them with your wit, insights, fresh ideas or whatever strengths you care to share.

Once they arrive at your website, make them a free, no-strings offer they can't refuse. Give them something about which they'd like the inside scoop: results of a survey, a special report, a valuable resource in exchange for their name and email address (maybe also their phone number) so that you can regularly send them something of value to them — keeping your name and ideas top of mind.

From these two strategic actions alone, some folks will call or email you, asking to hire you!

If you'd like even more business, periodically send an invitation to all those who have signed onto your list. Invite them to have a strategy consultation with you.  Ideally structure this consult to offer value and show them how much more value they'll receive when they hire you.  When you confirm the consult, let them know you have room for one or two new clients and if they are a good fit, you may talk about that, too.

Then, during the consult, determine if you would like them as a client. If so, after the consult, talk to them about next steps, which naturally include working with you!

What could be easier?

Retired logo designer, Ann Strong, now business coach, founder and leader of Thriving Coaches and a good friend of Marketing Mentor.

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